Epogen ® (erythropoietin )


Eritropoietin (Epogen)Eritropoietin (Epogen) first of all, is a growth factor that is involved in the regulation of the formation of red blood cells in the human body. Isolation and production of hormones for medical purposes has been very profitable. This hormone is used to treat different types of anemia, it effectively encourages and supports the production of red blood cells in a large number of patients treated with this hormone. This effectiveness of the drug you can use it instead of the older and less efficient means, such as, Anadrol 50®. The chemical structure of the reconstituted in vitro human eritropoietina is a single chain polypeptide hormone – a sequence of 165 amino acids. This drug is made from animal cells into which the genes are introduced into human eritropoietina. Biological activity differs considerably from the natural human eritropoietina.
Epogen positive effect on endurance athletes, because of its effects on the production of red blood cells by the body. It is no secret that the practice of “blood doping” (improving the blood) is very common among athletes involved in heavy types of athletics. By this is meant that an athlete losing his blood for storage, in order to get it later before the competition. In this case, the body gets its much larger number of red blood cells, as it also regained the lost amount and get more blood that took before. Thus, the blood more effectively carries oxygen to the tissues of the body, and the athlete receives significant charge endurance. This is undoubtedly of great importance for the victory in the competition. However, this procedure is associated with a certain risk. First, the blood is quite difficult to maintain, and blood transfusions are also poorly tolerated, not to mention the problems that may arise due to an excess of blood cells in the body. The use of Epogen can get rid of some of these problems, as the effect of this drug is called “chemical blood doping.” You do not have to worry about how to keep blood transfusions, and how to do, but there are problems because of the number of blood cells in the body. The cell concentration may reach the critical level, if the drug is used properly, and lead to heart attack, paralysis, stroke or death.
Receiving this preparation leads to some side manifestations. First of all, the increase in the number of red blood cells leads to increased blood pressure, headaches and hypertension. In addition, there may be symptoms of flu symptoms: bone pain, fever and irritation at the injection site. Since athletes mainly use the drug for sport, so strong adverse events suggest that it is necessary to stop reception. Of course, you can not bring your health in victim athletic goals.

Epogen drug

Ritropoietin E produced in the form of solution for injection, which is administered subcutaneously (between the skin and the muscle), or intravenously. Two ways of receiving different effects on blood levels of the drug. If an injection intravenously, the high concentration of drug in the blood is achieved very quickly. half-life of the drug in the body is also negligible, about 4 to 5 hours. After subcutaneous injection in the highest concentration of drug in the blood is only possible after 12-18 hours. The same amount of drugs administered intravenously and subcutaneously, gives a very different concentrations of drug in the blood – subcutaneous injection has a much lower concentration. half-life of the drug also significantly increased to about 24 hours. At the beginning of dosing is recommended that the following dosage: 15-50 units per kg body weight, 3 times per week. In accordance with this, 80 kg athlete should optimally 4,000 units per one preparation or 4 ml of injection every 2 or 3 days. If you start to inject a few days / weeks prior to the competition, it is possible to achieve the desired effect to top performances.
Of course, it is best to try to use this drug long before the start of the competition. Thus, you can choose an individual dosage regimen for each athlete, depending on the objectives pursued. This will also prevent complications that arise from the ingestion inexperienced patients at the last moment before the competition. These dosages can be reduced to 100 units per kg body weight per injection in difficult cases. However, we must be very careful, if you carelessly treat dosage of the drug. It might appear very serious side effects that can not be ignored. Remember that you need all the time to control the level of red blood cells while taking Epogen. You will be able to avoid serious complications, if you ensure that the level of your red blood cell count remained within the normal range.

Because of the complex manufacturing process Epogen has a high price. Since this drug, which is used in certain sports, it is rare to find on the black market. If you are going to purchase Epogen, you can find it among the facilities offered to increase endurance athletes. It also can be easily ordered through numerous foreign firms in the mail. There are no restrictions on the distribution of this drug, so it is not subject to the requirements for the sale of anabolic steroids.