GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)


GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)The γ-hydroxybutyric acid (gamma-hydroxybutyrate sometimes, the name IUPAC acid 4-hydroxybutanoic) is an organic acid. Better known as GHB, a drug that is either an amino acid derivative that is normally found in the hgh for men for sale central nervous system, as well as in other organs such as liver, kidneys, heart, bones. As drug is used commonly in the form of alkali salt (Na-GHB or K-GHB). The sodium salt of GHB is commercially known as ossibato as sodium or sodium oxybate.

The action of GHB has yet to be fully clarified. GHB has at least two sites of action, stimulating the receptor recently characterized and named “GHB receptor” as well as the GABA receptor. GHB, it is undoubtedly a neurotransmitter, it will reach high enough concentrations to act only against the buy growth hormone receptor, since it has only weak affinity for GABA. However, during the recreational use, GHB can reach very high concentrations in the brain, relative to baseline levels, and can react with the GABA receptor. The action of GHB in this is probably responsible for its own sedative effects. The stimulation of GABA receptor-mediated GHB inhibits the release of dopamine as well as cause the release of natural sedatives, neurosteroids. In animals sedative effects can be stopped by GABA antagonists.

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)

The relevance of the GHB receptor in the behavioral effects induced by GHB is very controversial. It seems hard to believe that the GHB receptor is not important when it is densely expressed in many areas of the brain, including the cortex, because it is the site with higher affinity to the action of GHB. There is limited research on this receptor. However evidence shows that due to the release of glutamate, which should be stimulating. It does not seem, however, that the GHB receptor explains the sedative properties of the additive or GHB.

It could propose a situation where high doses of GHB are sedative through its action to GABAB receptor, while a lower dose is somewhat challenging way. This may explain the so-called “bounce”, experienced by individuals using GHB as a sleeping aid, when you wake up a few hours after a GHB-induced sleep. That is to say that, over time, the concentration of GHB in the system decreases (due to metabolism), below a threshold to stimulate the function of the GABAB receptor, and iranian hulk simply stimulates the GHB receptor steroids for sale, leading to wake up. GHB under the name of alcover is used in the therapy of addiction to alcohol.

Recreational use, GHB is also known in the US as “G”, “Juice”, “Liquid X” or “Liquid E” and less like “Gamma-Oh”, “Georgia Homeboy”, “Detwiler Georgia”, ” Blue Verve “,” Gamma-G “,” Qi “,” scoop “,” goop “or” gerb. “

Its potential use as a “date rape drug” in the nineties led to insert it in the US in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (Controlled Substances Act), in March 2000. On 21 March 2001, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs has placed GHB in Schedule IV of 1971 (Convention on psychotropic substances).

At low doses, it can cause a state bottomline bodybuilding of euphoria and increased sociability. You will also gain a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, increased tactile sensation and sexual desire. In men it is widespread, especially since illegal steroids for sale it increases the maintenance male erection. The morning after taking office, you will have the same effects of a hangover (nausea, dizziness, mental confusion and almost total absence of memories that concern the action period of GHB), except when taken in high doses as It acts as an anesthetic.