Jintropin - reviews, policy of mass use of growth hormone Jintropin in bodibilidinge

Jintropin – the trade name of the drug growth hormone. Jintropin it has been developed, studied and produced in China now. World’s most popular analog of the human hormone growth hormone growth. Growth hormone is composed of biosynthetic DNA recombinant somatotropin. As Jintropin natural growth hormone contains 191 amino acids. It packed in bottles as dry powder or as liofinizirovannogo final solution.

The action of growth hormone Jintropin

Once in the body, Jintropin accelerates metabolism in tissues and overall metabolism leads to hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle fibers, reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat in the body. Also it has a positive effect on the condition of hair, nails, cartilage and joints. It has the property to rejuvenate the body, to prevent the age-related changes and accelerate the healing of injuries, including the effects of surgery.

In addition, Jintropin used in the treatment of burns, ulcers leg vein and common AIDS therapy. In bodybuilding Jintropin actively used in the course of a set of weights and in preparation for a competition, that is, the “drying”. The drug slows muscle catabolism, even on a diet, maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

Side effects of Jintropin

Generation of antibodies. This often occurs with drugs that have not passed the proper quality of cleaning. Therefore, the emergence of this side effects says Jintropin forgery. According to the results of research in Russia, the subjects group was not registered a single side effect.

Reviews about Jintropin in bodybuilding

The USA-language sources is dominated by positive feedback hormone Jintropin growth. No side effects, easy to use, the confirmation of all declared qualities – all these mark-professional athletes and fans after his familiarity with drugs. Many reviews of Jintropin write and those who are far from professional sports, but uses the drug for rejuvenation. Pros are also noted in the application of it in the courses for women, especially in conjunction with T3.

Negative reviews about Jintropin bodybuilding occur due to the high risk of acquiring a fake, and because of the relatively high price of the drug in USA and CIS countries. Much has been written about the bad result of “drying” on GRs and those who do not know that it is necessary to raise the level of thyroid hormones, and simply faced with its natural decline.