Methyltrienolone (metribolone, metribolon)


Product description:

MethyltrienoloneMethyltrienolone is the most powerful steroids synthesized to date. In its structure, it is very similar to trenbolone, but unlike the latter, he alkylated 17-alpha. This makes it much more powerful than trenbolone. Methyltrienolone hardly binds to globulin, showing its activity in micrograms. For the powerful anabolic effect already 0.5-1mg dosage.
Structural characteristics: methyltrienolone is structurally modified nandrolone, in contrast to addition of the methyl group in position 17 alpha and the connection between carbons 9 and 10.

Side effects Methyltrienolone:

methyltrienolone not aromatize and does not have estrogenic activity, but progestogen can cause side effects that may contribute to the development of gynecomastia, suppression of endogenous testosterone, increase body fat. Methyltrienolone is a powerful androgen, and we should expect the occurrence of androgenic side effects, these include greasiness of the skin, acne, hair growth on the face and body. Women of this drug is absolutely contraindicated. Since methyltrienolone methylated alpha-17 preparation, it is hepatotoxicity to the liver. The drug should not be used longer than 4 weeks and 6-8 weeks orally in the form of an injection. Admission methyltrienolone in injectable form several times more efficient and also several times safer to the liver. This is because it bypasses first pass through the liver unlike the oral form. Also, there is a suppression of endogenous testosterone. Without any intervention in the promotion of their production of testosterone, a natural level, he will be back after 1-4 months after the course.

Recommendations for Admission:

Those who want to use this drug, should take seriously its reception. This drug is not for steroid novices. Dosages can range from 0.5 mg to 2 mg per day. For the first time it is not recommended receiving a 0.5 mg injection due to its strong androgenic effect. Dosage is strictly individual but if you’ve never tried this drug the first time to take it no more than 0.5 mg which corresponds to 1/4 ml of solution and very slowly injected into a muscle.