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Muscle Milk – Multi-Protein by Cytosport (Tsitosport), its main feature – the wonderful taste! It’s a real treat! Excellent product as a separate meal. The Muscle Milk no lactose, it is enriched by twenty vitamins and minerals. The main feature of this product is the presence in the composition of creatine GCC and Lean-lipids.

Muscle Milk

Creatine GCC as part of Muscle Milk – promotes the production of creatine your body. With Muscle Milk your body will produce creatine more than usual. That much important, creatine GCC rid of homocysteine, which in turn inhibits muscle growth.

Muscle Milk

Lean-Lipids – to help you get rid of excess fat. They improve thermogenesis, thus allow the use of protein for muscle development. Lean-Lipids promote retention are important for increasing the muscle mass of minerals that makes Muscle Milk universal in all senses of the product.

Muscle Milk Protein

Muscle Protein Milk – a unique, Protein formula comprising milk isolate, whey concentrate, whey protein isolate, and sodium caseinate and calcium. Each portion is combined great taste, 16 grams of high quality protein, functional fats, carbohydrates are low in sugar, all this in addition to a complex of 20 vitamins and minerals, it is worth noting that Muscle Milk is maximal cleared of lactose. This product is perfect for a set of pure, lean muscle mass, which makes it a truly worthwhile addition. Protein Muscle Milk is designed for both professional athletes and ordinary people involved in fitness and adhering to a special diet.


  • Micellar proteins – increase the efficiency of muscle synthesis
  • Creatine GCC – improves creatine production with the aim of anabolic growth
  • Lean-Lipids – help burn excess fat
  • Lactoferrin – improves the transport of oxygen
  • It does not contain lactose