12 Weeks Bulking Cycle

12 Weeks Bulking Cycle


2 vials of Testobolin
150 pills of Alphabol
50 pills of Promifen

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If you’re looking to get bigger and seriously increase your strength, this 12 Week Bulking Cycle is the perfect choice. This is a tried and tested combination of Testosterone Enanthate and Dianabol, proven to deliver amazing results for users of any experience level.


Weeks 1-10 – Testobolin 0.5ml, 2x per week (Monday and Thursday)

Weeks 1-4 – Alphabol 40mg per day

― PCT ―

Weeks 13-14 – Promifen 50mg per day

Weeks 15-16 – Promifen 25mg per day


Diet and training play an important role in this cycle so do not neglect them.

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