Oxandrolone bodybuilding: Price and application

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In order to improve relief, increase endurance, build muscle and increase strength, many bodybuilders take anabolic steroids. One of these assistants is a gentle and effective drug Oxan. Among the athletes under the drug distributed slang Oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone bodybuilding

This safe steroid is the best option for beginning bodybuilders. Using the drug in a dosage of 30 mg to 60 mg a day for two months, the athletes provide the body with needed rest from the powerful drugs and daily injections.

During drying Anavar taken in conjunction with Winstrol® and other steroids. Timing detection Oxan body is three to four weeks, so athletes advance override the drug before the competition. This tool is also used to align hormonal levels during the course.

Action Oxandrolone

  • Building a dry tight muscles.
  • The increase of power.
  • An effective fat burning.
  • Increased synthesis of growth hormone – somatotropin.

If during reception of other steroids can cause problems with pressure, the rate Oxandrolone even serious holding doses AD to within normal limits. Compared with other drugs, Oxan has many advantages:

  1. Absolutely harmless to the human body.
  2. Valid up to half a day.
  3. It suppresses testosterone production.
  4. It positively affects the nervous system.
  5. Significantly increases power rates.
  6. Completely absent flavoring.
  7. The drug is not able to retain water.
  8. Oxan does muscles tighter.

Androgenic activity of the preparation is rather low, and its anabolic properties exceed four times the performance of testosterone.

Tablets – ideal for athletes, marathon runners, jumpers and athletes who want to develop endurance, speed and strength.

For this steroid slabotoksichen liver. But during the course should be taken in conjunction with hepatoprotectors.

Application Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone for men. The first drug is recommended for men as oxan is not converted in the body into estrogen. This is especially true of athletes over forty years.anavar-cycle-300x258

The drug should be taken on an empty stomach – so manages to achieve maximum effect. To improve Oxandrolone body should take 15 to 25 mg per day for 6-8 weeks. Most often, to improve the effect means taking in combination with other steroids.

For the drying can be added to the drug Trenbolone (150 mg weekly) or Primobolan® (200 mg per week). Before taking oxan, you must consult your doctor. It will determine the correct dosage, prescribe treatment and, if necessary, pick up additional funds to achieve good results.

Oxandrolone for women

This is one of the safest anabolic steroids for women. It is used in medicine for osteoporosis. Children appoint oxandrolone to stimulate the growth of the body.

Oxandrolone: side effects

With increasing doses greater than 80 mg per day for 12 weeks, there is suppression of testosterone. As a result, reduced libido, erection sluggish possible testicular atrophy. Also available:

  • Lack of appetite.
  • Pain in the abdomen.

Side effects are rare, because this drug is one of the safest. And yet, there are some contraindications for the use of Oxan:

  1. With high sensitivity to the constituents of the preparation.
  2. In the case of prostate cancer.
  3. When coronary heart disease
  4. In atherosclerosis.
  5. In the case of hepatic or renal failure.
  6. When prostate acute or chronic form.
  7. During childbearing.
  8. During the period of lactation.

You should not self-prescribe for yourself doses and to select the length of the course of treatment. Be sure to consult with a specialist.

Oxandrolone: Price

Price for 100 mg tablets and 10 ranges from 80 to 100 dollars. Such a high price policy is associated with minimal side effects and maximal result Oxandrolone.