Why Oxandrolone is one of the “safest” of anabolic steroids?


Oxavar oxandrolone – a synthetic steroid created in the US and is used around the world for 50 years. It was originally introduced to the market under the name “Anavar”. Now every self-respecting manufacturer of sports pharmacology produces this drug.

anavarOxandrolon has several features that distinguish it from other steroids. The drug has a very weak androgenic activity, but exhibits a high anabolic activity. Due to these features, a steroid widely used in athletics. The use of oxandrolone allows athletes without increasing significantly the body weight, increase stamina and power rates, to recover quickly during heavy physical exertion.

In bodybuilding oxandrolone is also used by athletes. When using this steroid, we do not get strong muscle growth, but the muscles become elastic, improves relief. The steroid is used in to “drying” courses, since it helps reduce body fat. The use Anavar can increase the level of growth hormone in the human body, which is also important in bodybuilding. Anavar is one of the few steroid that male and females can use without worrying about adverse impacts.

The product is an excellent anti-catabolic, because it slows down the process of protein breakdown. Therefore, some athletes use it as a bridge between the courses of steroids.

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Dosage of oxandrolone.

This is a short period of anabolic effects on the human body – about 10 hours. For athletes the daily dosage of the drug begins from 20 mg. In bodybuilding dose considerably higher – preferably 40 mg per day. In this regard, better to take a steroid, 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and before bedtime. Detection time Anavar in the body – 1.5 months.

Courses steroids oxandrolone.

Using a solo Anavar will give little effect, so it is advisable to combine the drug with other steroids.

  • The course of “a minimum of side effects” – oxandrolone and Primobolan.
  • For 8 weeks, put on methenolone enanthate 400 mg once a week and received daily 40 mg of oxandrolone.
  • At the reception Anavar week 9-10 continues as long ester Primobolan will still work. Very safe course, but it is expensive.

For the “drying” can be combined with Masteron Anavar. Oxandrolone 40 mg daily and 100 mg of drostanolone propionate every other day. Duration of the course – 6 weeks. This combination will improve the relief of muscle, reduce body fat. Alpha Steroids for sale by Alpha-Pharma Steroidsrepresentative.

On the qualitative mass can make a course with oxandrolone and testosterone propionate. Within 6 weeks of taking 40 mg Anavar and put in a day at 100 mg testosterone propionate. On the sixth day after the last injections of “prop” start post-cycle therapy. This will help us Tamoxifen or Clomid. See more

Oxandrolone is one of the “safest” of anabolic steroids and athletes love it, preferring drugs with minimal side effects. Anavar does not aromatize, so will not cause such unpleasant issues as gynecomastia. The use of steroid does not suppress testosterone production. Although the drug is 17-alpha-alkylated, but its negative impact on the liver slightly. Oxandrolone spa is widely used due to its mild side effects.

Oxandrolone can be used by women, as it is not flavored and are not virilizing effects. The drug does not cover the “growth zone” in humans, so use among young athletes.

The disadvantages of Anavar can be attributed to the high cost. If athletes can afford to use 20 mg of steroid daily, the bodybuilders at doses of 40 mg per day will have to pay a decent amount for the course. The price of the drug what is oxymetholone are very different from different manufacturers. To buy oxandrolone have to spend about 60-100 US dollars per 100 tablets.