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Practical use of peptides

Scientists have found out the effect of using external peptide bioregulators (BAD) on hgh & peptrides the health status and life expectancy of a person. After the studies, a statement was made that the aging, as well as the appearance of fatal diseases, including oncological diseases, is a violation of the regulation of protein synthesis. With the artificial introduction of appropriate peptides into the body, recovery processes in cells and tissues begin, so you can buy peptides and help your body. Cells are given the opportunity to further divide, and the old cells, with difficulty performing their functions, are replaced by new, young, healthy ones. Thus, the aging process of the organism, life expectancy increases. Peptides protect our body from harmful toxins, saturate them with nutrients. Unlike drugs that relieve the body of the symptoms of the disease, but do not eliminate their cause, the peptides induce to restore the hgh & peptrides working functions of the cell, leading it to its original state.

Peptides for athletes and bodybuilders

For athletes, the intake of peptides in the body plays a huge role, primarily due to the fact that professional sports and heavy physical activities lead the body to stress, which adversely affects the production of peptides by cells. In addition, peptides contribute to:

  • growth of muscle mass;
  • additional fat burning;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes.

Synthesized peptides: benefit or harm?

If the body can not cope with the production of peptides on its own, then it is hgh & peptrides necessary to help it. Many years of scientific research made it possible to synthesize peptides and introduce them into the body, stimulating and regulating the work of cells. Peptides affect the body at the gene level, controlling the synthesis of proteins. Admission peptide bioregulators can significantly extend the life expectancy of a person, but in addition, it is necessary to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle:

  • observe the regime of the day, get up early and go to bed. Working in the night shift has a very negative impact on health.
  • diversified and balanced eating, giving preference to products growing in your area. Older people benefit from dairy products, rich in calcium, especially cottage cheese, but meat consumption is better cut. Control the consumption of sweet and flour.
  • drink one or two liters of water a day. It is advisable to draw water from a source or purchase a quality filter.
  • active physical activity: walking, swimming, bicycle. Do not overload the body, but it should not be relaxed either.
  • undergo periodic medical hgh & peptrides examination in order to know the weak points of the body and to provide timely support to him in the form of bioregulators.

What is growth hormone and how to stimulate its production?

Growth hormone, or somatotropin, is a collective name for a number of hormones responsible generally for body growth. And, first of all, for growth in the literal sense – that is, growth hormone stimulates the growth of bones. That is why the greatest secretion and the highest concentration in the blood of this hormone falls on the infant and child period. In the future, the level of secretion of somatotropin is hgh & peptrides steadily declining.

Why do you need growth hormone?

Growth hormone affects virtually all metabolic processes in the body – its role is very great in protein, carbohydrate, fat and mineral metabolism, since bone growth requires active access to bone growth zones of a number of minerals (for example, calcium), and the growth of muscles holding bones, and the like.

With the cessation of bone growth in 20-25 years, excess growth hormone becomes especially dangerous for the body, because under its influence, processes that cause violation of the proportions of the skeleton in some areas (face, feet, hands, etc.) begin. In order hgh & peptrides that this does not happen, the body has mechanisms that lower both the concentration in the blood of the growth hormone, and the level of its secretion. In particular, an increase in the concentration of somatotropin causes activation of gluconeogenesis, leading to an increase in blood glucose levels and, as a response, increased secretion of insulin. Insulin is a growth hormone antagonist in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. In addition, a high concentration of somatotropin leads to increased production of somatostatin, which suppresses its secretion.

Anabolic functions of growth hormone

In addition to bone growth, growth hormone increases muscle growth, both by improving transport in muscle cells of proteinogenic amino acids, and by stimulating protein synthesis processes.

It is interesting that the stimulation of muscle growth by the growth hormone is of a somewhat virtual nature, since the growth of cells occurs primarily due to the accumulation of hgh & peptrides water and, consequently, there is no increase in strength and endurance. So (considering the role of somatotropin in the breakdown of fats), increasing muscle mass with growth hormone is important for achieving a beautiful relief, but it is useless in power sports such as weightlifting and powerlifting.

It is also important that anabolic effects are possible only in the presence of insulin and testosterone, with their deficiency, growth hormone has no hgh & peptrides anabolic effect.