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Every athlete knows that steroids come in two forms – oral steroids and injectables. In this article, we will analyze the tablet form of anabolics, its shortcomings and advantages.

Steroids in tablets: all for and against

Oral anabolics are very popular in power sports and in bodybuilding in particular. In oral steroids tableted form, such drugs as methandienone, methandrostenolone, stanozolol, turinabol, oxandrolone, oxymetholone, methyltestosterone, tableted primobolan, trenbolone acetate in tablets are presented.

Pros of oral steroids

Anabolics presented in tablets are widely represented on the market of sports hormonal products and it is not difficult to buy them. Often newcomers, planning their first oral steroids courses, opt for steroids in tablets. There are several reasons for this:

  • 1 Oral steroids courses are the most simple
  • 2 Rapid action and quick leaving the body, this means a quick result and if there is any negative side effect, then canceling the drug, it passes in the shortest time, without harming the body
  • 3 Easy to use, especially true for beginners who are afraid of injections for some reason

Experienced athletes also widely use oral drugs in their courses to ensure a consistently high level of anabolic agents in the blood. Also a big plus is a short and rapid action, as well as a quick escape from the body for doping control.

Oral anabolic steroids: cons

Steroids produced in tablets also have disadvantages. The most important and negative of them is a toxic effect on the liver and stagnation of bile. As is known when ingesting tablets after absorption of a steroid drug, blood passes through the liver, causing toxic effects. Oral steroids can cause congestion and thickening of the bile, making it difficult to drain and when the gallbladder overflows, there are pain and a feeling of raspiraniya in the right hypochondrium. In order to stop this minus, the athletes protect the liver on oral steroids courses of steroids taking preparations that protect the liver, for example, Essence, Karsil, Liv 52, as well as choleretic preparations – flamin, holosas.

Low bioavailability of the active substance, in comparison with the injection form. This is due to the fact that when ingested in the gastrointestinal tract part of the drug is destroyed by enzymes and liver and only a small part proceeds to its direct action.

Another drawback is the frequent everyday reception, because some courses of oral steroids require taking the drug 3 to 5 times a day, with this oral steroids schedule, the athlete needs to monitor the time and accurately observe the rules for taking steroid drugs.

The big drawback is that tablets are easier to forge, so the market is currently flooded with fakes. Our store provides an opportunity to buy and get the best oral steroids, because we work only directly with manufacturers.

Despite these drawbacks, practice shows that combined steroid courses containing anabolic tablets are much more effective than courses without them. Solo courses from oral steroids are generally not replaceable for beginners. Therefore oral preparations are irreplaceable and have great oral steroids popularity in sports.