PROSTERIT | Finasteride. Side effects of PROSTERIT.


ProsteritProsterit – male health drugs, this drug contains finasteride and made Koçak Farma, Turkey.
In terms of use Prosterit for steroid users, this is due to the weakening of several androgenic side effects often associated with the use of certain anabolic and androgenic steroids. Of course, due to the initially planned medical steroid drug users who suffer from prostate conditions because of their anabolic steroids may be well served to use a drug such as Prosterit. This is probably the easier of the discomfort caused by the activity of DHT in the prostate tissue and related conditions. Similarly, the androgenic activity of DHT in the scalp causes hair loss may also prevent some men using reductase inhibitor like finasteride. If the hair loss that is felt is linked with increasing concentration and / or level of DHT in the tissue introduction finasteride can help reduce or prevent the severity of this side effect. The third side effect of the drug can help with oily skin and / or acne. This androgenic side effects can be prevented or at least reduce the severity of the introduction of finasteride. However, this occasionally results were mixed, to say the least and the relatively small number of users who use the drug for this purpose.
Many of these actions Prosterit will seem very similar to the other reductase inhibitor, such as alopecia. However, these drugs have differences. The main difference between them is that alopecia purpose of both types I and type II 5-alpha reductase. Finasteride is prescribed only type II. Type I is more concentrated in the liver and skin while the type II occurs most prevaliruyusche in male reproductive organs. Focusing both types of the enzyme, dutasteride better able to reduce DHT than finasteride then, so is more efficient and effective majority. Nevertheless, it is still not as popular as finasteride, but this is probably due to alopecia having been on the market a much shorter period of time and is not currently approved medically for use as a preventive measure against male pattern baldness.

Prosterit was also used as a so-called “masking agent” some steroid users who tested either through urine or blood. While the mechanism by which this is achieved is not discussed in this profile, it should nevertheless be noted that most organizations now recognize this fact and test for finasteride along with anabolic steroids. For this reason, users finasteride, which can be tested for these substances should be aware of this fact in advance.



In terms of dosage, while the use of standard Prosterit can give results, most doctors will recommend, and most users will prefer to use the drug orally. This is a higher rate compared to the bioavailability of topical application. The bioavailability of finasteride, when taken orally, is around sixty-five percent of one milligram tablets in clinical trials. It should also be noted that the bioavailability of finasteride was not broken when taken with or without food or liquids. Maximum suppression of DHT conversion occurs within twenty four hours of dosing one milligram orally. This maximum suppression is approximately sixty-five full conversion of DHT.
As for the size of the dose required, it depends on the response of the user. Most men Prosterit provided as part of medical treatment most often given dose of one milligram per day. It may be more than is necessary, however. Anecdotally some users have shown that the dose of 5 mg / day or one milligram a day had the desired effect for some users. However, others may require high doses to take advantage of the connection. In most cases, these doses ranging from 1.5 mg per day for up to 5 mg / day or higher. By increasing their strength, but the user must make these gradually increased so as to gauge their reaction to the connection and avoid sudden onset of adverse side effects.
Prosterit still relatively new drug on the market and long-term studies on it continue to be made. However, there is no indication that users should limit itself for the duration of the drug. It was designed to enter for long periods of time, and seemed to be well tolerated by most users. For this reason, steroid users should feel free to use Prosterit for long periods of time if they feel it is necessary. The only limiting factor, no side effects that arise for individual connection or otherwise taking the cost of the drug, or, of course, the fact that it is no longer necessary. In addition, the discontinuation of Prosterit there is no need for narrowing the drug for prevention of major rebound in levels of DHT user. While obviously these levels will return to normal concentrations slightly sharp increase should not be visible to the user.

Side effects Prosterit:

  • In most cases, these side effects associated with the use Prosterit on minor and will not jeopardize the overall health of the user. It turns out that all the side effects related to its action as an inhibitor of reductase and lack of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which circulates in the user’s system when using this drug. Toxicity is not a problem, because even at very high doses for a long time are not observed any adverse reactions.
  • The most common side effect reported with administration Prosterit, seemingly sexual dysfunction and / or decreased sex drive. This is due to DHT plays a significant role in the drive sex with him also found in high concentrations in male reproductive organs that play a role in its proper functioning. To a lesser extent, some users have reported that their power is reduced when using Prosterit and it can also be directly connected with the fall of DHT, present in person. Similarly, it can also lead to a slight reduction in muscle mass, depending on the number of suppressed and individual body chemistry person.

Despite the lack of long-term side effects for users is a significant side effect, which may affect some males. This is temporary infertility. This effect does seem only temporary, with no long-term damage to the user’s ability to produce healthy sperm capable of procreation once the drug is stopped. However, users are hoping to have children may have to discontinue their use of the drug to increase their chances of success. Prosterit so successful causing temporary sterility in men, it was studied as part of a combination of drugs that can be used as a male birth control. However, these studies are still in their preliminary stages. In any case, many steroid users will experience are temporary sterility due to their use of anabolic steroids, so it will not be an additional burden for the majority of users.