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RepoxygenDoping Repoxygen. Its effect on the body dealing with human activities.

There is a global sport that pleases everyone. Unthinkable goals, fantastic speed records, exquisite plastic maddening power – all this is an indisputable ornament sport, delighting the hearts of fans and attracting them to the stadiums. There are not as clear favorite events – for example, many hockey fans are convinced that on the ice – not a place fights, while the other part of the fans of ice battles convinced that the battle wall to wall – is an integral part of hockey. But, unfortunately, there is a large sports and what is universal indignation, outrage and condemnation. We are talking about doping.
Doping … Under this name, we collected a huge amount of illicit drugs and techniques to achieve better results athlete. However, it is difficult to understand the logic of the uninitiated, according to which some drugs are allowed, and others – are prohibited. Often, competent experts demonstrate elementary ignorance of such things. However, it is difficult for it to condemn – the number of illicit drugs is increasing with each passing hour.

The name itself – <doping> comes from the English word – which means giving the drug. According to the definition of the Medical Commission of the International bodybuilding drugs Olympic Committee doping is considered an introduction to the body of athletes in any way (in the form of injections, tablets, inhalation, etc.) drugs that artificially enhance performance and athletic performance. In addition, it refers to doping and all kinds of manipulation of body fluids, produced for the same purposes. According to this definition, the doping can be considered as a pharmacological drug only if he or its breakdown products can be identified in body fluids (blood, urine) with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.


And yet, for some parameters or that the drug may be added to doping? The main criteria are as follows. Firstly, all competitors must be in original conditions being equal – therefore prohibited drugs that can provide anyone knowingly advantage for some time to make faster, tougher, stronger. Secondly, as a prohibited are drugs that can cause harm to the athlete – so that’s forced care. Not to recall the legislation of Great Britain of the past centuries, according to which the unsuccessful suicide laboriously pumped, then to send to the gallows. Likewise, officials of the sport – they care, humanists, about the athletes, even against the will of the latter. Finally, in individual sports are forbidden drugs that can safely be used by representatives of other disciplines. For example, a huge number of weightlifters at different times was disqualified for the use of furosemide – a diuretic drug used for forced weight loss, but at the same time, let us say, the players have the moral right to make use of furosemide in his pleasure.
Another interesting fact is that different sports federations very different approaches to determining the severity of the punishment of athletes caught for doping. After the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, when illicit drugs were found in the samples for doping world record holder in the sprint Ben Johnson and multiple Bulgarian champions in the bar, the fight against stimulants reached its climax – Weightlifting Federation announced a lifetime ban for the very first use of anabolic steroids, but their colleagues from the IAAF – Athletics Federation – reduced period of Ineligibility for the use of “heavy” doping long-acting from four years to two, as in the case of detection of the most popular among all the athletes ephedrine instead of three months of excommunication from the sport decided to be limited to the cancellation of the results of the specific competitions.

Returning to Repoxygen, it must be said that many doubt its potential doping, gene therapy as a means of an internal control: the production of erythropoietin is activated only at the moment when the red blood cells is low. The ideal situation for proper treatment, but not for the stimulation of Records. On the other hand, there are doubts about the possibility of developing reliable tests repoksigen – too closely integrated with the cell medicine.