Trenabolic Injection (trenbolone acetate)

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trenbolone acetateTrenbolone acetate is an increase in weight or content of substance that monitors many treatments as severe trauma, chronic infections, extensive surgery. It is used to reduce muscle from steroids and decrease associated with osteoporosis. He belonged to the class of anabolic steroids. Many adverse metabolic and there is in 5alpha-reductase, it has a short half-life.


Long-acting steroid trenbolone acetate available as an injection, it will affect your metabolism, and it is reliable and anabolic compounds because it increases protein synthesis to promote better protein. This will improve the position of fat and protein in your body develops from tissue catabolism. This drug is rarely tested because it is also a side effect is rare, are unlikely to occur. If you take high doses, it damages your liver.

Trenbolone should not be used if:

  • In the case of pregnant
  • To turn into pregnant
  • Breast feeding
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart/ liver problem
  • Prostate cancer

The use of trenbolone:

There are many instructions that are easy to tell you that you can lee hayward 12 week use such a drug dose: You can obtain this injection in a clinic, hospital or doctor’s shop, if you want, domestic services, then you should call your health care. In the case of the question, you can consult with your doctor. You have to take place far from the pet and children. If you can not take such a dose is completely harmful for you, so see a doctor and take 2 doses at once.