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Nowadays mostly athletes have been found using propionate in order to increase and enhance their performance and other multiple needs. This testosterone propionate is considered as one of the quickest performing steroid and maintaining the blood levels in the body. It is considered as the purest testosterone ever made. This purity makes it unique and attractive and most athletes buy this product. It is considered as one of the supreme anabolic steroid that is ever made.

Testosterone is considered and widely used for basically two purposes which are bulking up the body or cutting the body. Mostly the athletes and other body builders have found to be buying this steroid for the purpose of cutting their body and enhancing their performance. In order to enhance their performance by bulking up the body, some athletes prefer other testosterones like cypionate or enanthate. There are basically two facts that are being said about propionate. One is that propionate helps in retaining less water in the body while the second is that it may cause fat gain in the body. The first one is considered true by experts while the second one is being rejected straightaway and considered silly. The gain in weight is due to the water weight and mostly people are unaware about the water weight.

Propionate for Bulking:

Training very hard, eating sufficient amount of protein and calories and taking the propionate steroid would help you in the bulking up phase without any difficult. Some people do not eat enough while taking propionate and then complain about not bulking up suitably the reason is that this steroid gives strength and retains nitrogen in the muscles the more nitrogen it retains the more fat it can store in the muscles and making the muscles bulky and beefy. If the intake of calories is enough then the steroid propionate will show its wonders and the body will bulk up quickly and the gain will be quality gain.

Propionate for Cutting

A large number of athletes are using this propionate performance enhancing steroid for the purpose of cutting their body. Individuals have found fearing that propionate makes it harder to loose fat from the body and the problems arising due to estrogen cannot be controlled by them. But one thing needs to clarify here which is that the propionate does not make the body gain fat nor it decreases the rate of burning fat from the body. It is considered as the metabolism boosting in nature. There might be some issues which may arise due to estrogen but they can be taken care of simply by taking anti-estrogen and eating right things.


The average and efficient dosage for men is to inject 100 mg every day in order to enhance their performance. Sometimes the individuals may increase the daily intake in order to gain more outcome and they might reach the level of 1 gram of daily intake. Therefore the dosage range may vary from the individual body structure and the desire achieve goals.

Whatever the dosage is, it needs to be monitored and administered carefully. As the life span of propionate is 3.5 days therefore the body blood levels need to be made stable frequently and for this purpose regular injections must be taken. If the injections are not taken regularly then the level of testosterone may go up and down and the desired outcomes might not be achieved by the individual.


TestoRapid is used in hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging and in treatment of muscular catabolism.