Sexual Health

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Sexual health is an important component in a man’s life. Always be on top of the strong sex will not only help specific men’s stimulants, but also a reasonable attitude to the reserves of your body.

There are two types of drugs for stimulating potency:

  • pharmaceutical , created by synthetic means (VIAGRA, CIALIS, LEVITRA)
  • of natural origin (stimulants, natural supplements).


  • Tablets for potency can significantly increase sexual desire, increase the duration of sexual intercourse and the quality of sex in general. Thus they return to men confidence.
  • Modern regulators of sexual function are convenient in that they can sexual health be used when necessary. The desired effect lasts long enough. Possible as a one-time reception, and regular use. The drugs are not addictive and even with frequent use.
  • The world’s most famous brands – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis – are PDE-5 inhibitors and are used to maintain potency and treat any form of organic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction in men over 18 years of age.
  • All PDE-5 inhibitors of erectile dysfunction have a similar principle of action: cause an increase in blood flow to the genitals, but are effective only after sexual arousal.
  • Admission and dosage should be agreed with a specialist in the presence of chronic diseases or during the period of use of other medicines. So, special care should be given to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes.
    All inhibitors of FED-5 are categorically forbidden to take simultaneously with donators of nitric oxide and preparations containing in any doses and forms of organic nitrates (nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate, dinitrate, etc.).

There are other contraindications, so before using, be sure to read the instructions.

• The likelihood of side effects is individual (may be absent or manifest in varying degrees). Side effects are also similar: headache, flush to the face, nasal congestion, back pain, nausea, etc.
If discomfort or side effects occur, in any case, consult a doctor.

• The named PDE-5 inhibitors differ mainly in the active  sexual health substance and in the duration of the action.

Sexual health and its indicators

Sexual health is a complex of somatic, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of a person’s existence, positively enriching a person, increasing communicability and ability to love.

Another definition of the concept of “sexual health” is derived from two functions of a person’s sexual activity. It is known that a person’s sexual function fulfills two goals: a proactive and a recreational one.

The procreative goal of a person’s sexual function is to continue the  sexual health human race, the ability to procreate. The recreational side of sexual function is the realization of specific sexual relationships, the realization of a sense of love, the realization of an emotional complex associated with love.

Sexual health is not only the absence of any painful changes in the human body that can lead to a decrease in sexual function, it is an integral complex of interacting components of sexuality – biological, social, psychological, socio-psychological – that provide sexual behavior, a complex system of sexual relationships , leading to optimal sexual adaptation, sexual harmony in accordance with the norms of social and personal morality.

Indicators of sexual health in modern sexology:

ü One indicator of a person’s sexual health is a good level of sexual attraction.We consider the presence of sexual desire more significant indicator than the indicator of a strong and universal erection. The fact that the function of sexual desire is provided by serious mechanisms: on the one hand, deep structures of the brain, and on the other hand, the so-called gonadostat, that is, a multilevel system of endocrine glands, beginning with the pituitary gland and ending with the gonads. Thus, sexual attraction is provided by the combined activity of many departments of the central nervous system and multi-storey regulation of the endocrine nature. Modern sexologists consider normal and healthy any sexual act, which obeys only one, but very significant factor: sexual intercourse should be performed at will. Desire is the everyday name of a sufficient level of sexual desire,

ü An important qualitative indicator of sexual health is the sexual satisfaction of both men and women.

ü The next qualitative indicator of sexual health is communication of sexual partners. In general, studying the literature devoted to this issue abroad and in our country, we can not say that sexual health is at a sufficiently high level. The somatic state provides sexual health, but does not  sexual health belong to the leader. According to Liebig, the leading two are the levels of sexual health: psychological and social. Until recently, the psychology of sexual life has not been sufficiently developed. We consider sex life as one of the options for communication, and very significant.

Social psychology is quite detailed and studies the process of communication for a long time. However, social psychologists describe little the communication of sexual partners. A coherent and full study of the issue of sexual intercourse, as well as the consideration of sexual intercourse and sexual rapprochement as a model of communication to date has not been. In the literature  sexual health on the perception of man by man, the understanding of one person by another, there are no examples that draw from the field of the sexual life of people. Meanwhile, one can not speak separately about sexual intercourse, since it carries the basic laws of communication in general.