Testosterone Undecanoate (Andriol)

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Since the beginning of Testosterone Undecanoate (Andriol), it is considered as the primary answer to the treatment for the condition of male hypogonadism. Very long-lasting levels of testosterone is provided by this steroid called testosterone undecanoate. All the symptoms that are connected with hypogonadism directly or indirectly are improved significantly and without any harm through using undecanoate.

For around 14 weeks the levels of Testosterone Undecanoate (Andriol) remains constant if undecanoate is injected in the body. All the non-physiological heights and furrows will not be occurred while using undecanoate properly. Mostly patients who are experiencing different conditions give importance to dependable, trustworthy, usefulness and the long lasting effects of the steroids that they are injecting in their body. They believe on taking medications once instead taking it after regular intervals. Subsequently, the makers of undecanoate have kept this in mind and manufactured the steroid for the long term usage.

In scientifically proven medicine, undecanoate is never ever used. Even a pill is available for this drug and in Europe, an injectable form of this drug is also available. The injectable form is only injected to the muscles in order to gain strength and muscle size. The steroid is available in 40 mg pill or there is an injection that is also available comprising of 250mg/ml. You can inject this steroid into your body through injecting it into buttock but only once in seven to twelve days. The major part of this steroid comprises of protein and there is only 2 percent free. The pill is formed in such a way that it can be taken daily while the injections must be taken once in a week. Some weight lifters and body builders are found to be injecting it daily into their body. This is very harmful and cause some severe damages to the skin so injecting it daily is not recommended at all.

If the individuals are planning to take this injections for a very longer period of time so they must not be injected on the same place again and again. The injecting Testosterone Undecanoate (Andriol) area must be switched constantly in order to avoid skin damages. The oily form of this steroid must not be injected under the armpits or directly into the abdomen. Most of the athletes and body builders tries to inject around a dosage of 200 mg to 400 mg every week which is very dangerous for them. This can lead towards the slow absorption of drug into the blood.