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Turinabol or 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is an anabolic steroid that was manufactured in the 1960s. The anabolic effects of Turinabol is moderate and the side effects are also not very huge and disturbing which makes drug very competitive in the market. Very little to none androgenic activity is observed and the anabolic affinities shown by drug are almost equal or even larger than of testosterone.

The rate of gaining while taking Turinabol is slow and people are not supposed to gain weight, muscles, mass or strength overnight dramatically. The muscles or the strength that they will gain would be solid, effective, and long lasting. Most number of people are found to state that they got a great harder look on their muscles. This hard look is due to the deficit of estrogenic properties that are present in the Turinabol. This deficit can also make the muscles and body to look puffy.

Another and most important benefit of Turinabol is that this drug is undetected and people who take this steroid can easily undergo any drug screening process without being caught as the body rapidly breaks the molecules of Turinabol and then evacuates it from the body making it undetectable.

Estrogenic side effects of Turinabol are almost low to none and are not of concern for the athletes. Conversely, it was found that some people were complaining about experiencing gynecomastia after using the oral Turinabol. The higher dosages (exceeding 40 mg in a day) of drug can cause the androgenic alopecia in the body. Erectile dysfunction is also reported while taking Turinabol and ironically, steroid is commonly used as a great sex functional drive. Some minor or slight form of acne, problems in digestion of food, elevation of liver enzymes, contracted development of luteinizing hormones, and the reduction in the production of natural testosterone of the body are the most common side effects  and the most serious of all the side effects is its negative impact on the blood lipid profile.