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Testosterone Gel is an androgenic drug. Endogenous androgens (mainly testosterone), secreted by the testicles, and their main metabolite dihydrotestosterone are responsible for the development of external and internal genital organs and for the development and preservation of secondary sexual characteristics (stimulation of hair growth, coarsening of the voice), and libido.

They have a general effect on the anabolism of proteins, on the development of skeletal muscles and the distribution of subcutaneous fat, reduce urinary excretion of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chlorides, phosphates and water. Testosterone (the active ingredient of Androgel) does not cause development of testicles: it reduces the pituitary secretion of gonadotropins. The effects of testosterone on certain target organs are manifested after the peripheral conversion of testosterone to estradiol, which then binds to estrogen receptors in the target cell nuclei (such as the pituitary gland, adipose tissue, brain, bones, etc.).


Androgel is an androgenic agent containing testosterone. In men, it stimulates the development of the genital organs, the prostate gland. Affects the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, increases libido and potency and through the central nervous system affects sexual behavior. Reduces fat deposition. Testosterone does not affect the development of testicles : it inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins (LH and FSH) by the pituitary gland.

It has an anabolic effect: it increases muscle mass, keeping in the body nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, K + and water, necessary for protein synthesis.

The effects of testosterone appear after converting it to estradiol , which subsequently binds to the target organ receptors ( testicular Leydig cells , pituitary gland , brain , fatty tissue ).


Testosterone gel Androgel has the following advantages:

* No need for injections

* A more even intake of the hormone into the bloodstream

This ends the benefits of testosterone gel. At the same time, there are the following disadvantages:

The difference in testosterone concentration with an increase in the dose of the drug is 2 times

* Androgel and other testosterone gels have a very high cost.

* In bodybuilding, it is necessary to create a high concentration of anabolic hormonesin the blood, which can not be provided through the skin. In the figure to the right, you can see that increasing the dose of Androgel leads to an increase in the concentration of testosterone by about 150 units. Thus, about 50 g of gel will be required to create the required concentration, which substantially increases the consumption of the preparation (economically very costly), and makes its use extremely inconvenient. It is necessary to cover a large area of ​​skin with a drug, and even in this case the gel layer will be so thick that most of the testosterone gel will remain on the clothing.

Rules for the use of Androgel

First of all, any actions associated with this drug should be discussed with a doctor in advance. All further information is taken from the manufacturer’s instructions. Before starting treatment, be sure to also read the instructions that come with the product you purchased.

Androgel is used 1 time per day, if possible at the same time, best in the morning. The dose may vary according to laboratory and clinical indications. It is assigned by a doctor. It is impossible to install and change the dosage independently. The dose may decrease and increase depending on the testosterone content in the patient’s blood.

Androgel is applied to the skin of the abdomen, forearms and / or shoulders. The gel can only be applied to undamaged, dry and clean areas of the skin. Do not apply the gel to the genitals and other sensitive areas. The preparation contains ethyl alcohol, which can lead to local irritation.

The contents of the sachet are distributed a thin layer over the surface of the skin. Do not rub the preparation. It is necessary to allow the gel to dry for at least 5-7 minutes before dressing. After applying the gel, you should thoroughly wash your hands.

Cases of Androgel overdose have not been documented. However, it is strictly not recommended to deviate from the dosage set by the doctor, this can lead to a number of side effects.