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In order to treat and cure breast cancer in postmenopausal females, a hormonal anastrozole therapy called Anastrodex is used. The primary home of estrogen in postmenopausal females is through the transformation of androgens with the help of aromatase enzymes which are present in the fatty body tissues. Anastrozole is a steroid that is used for the purpose of blocking and resisting the aromatization process which also decreases the volume of estrogen present in the body. Since very less amount of estrogen would influence the cancer cells so the growth of these cells either reduces or even stops. In order to cure infertility initiated by PCOS Anastrozole is used.

Anastrozole constrains the enzymes which are directly involved in the transformation of testosterone into estrogen. This operation is carried by combining the Anastrozole with enzyme in order to make it impossible for it to lead its standard operations.

It has been reported that significant number of breast cancer are initiated due to the presence of estrogen and progesterone. These sort of breast cancers can be cured with the help of steroids so that the effects of both these hormones is blocked and then eliminated. Estrogen is generally produced via transformation of androgens to estrogens in postmenopausal females. The whole process of transformation is called aromatization. This operation usually occurs in the fatty tissues of the body, muscles and skin. This process involves aromatase enzyme in order to transform. Anastrozole is used to resist the aromatization process. So by blocking the aromatization process the amount of estrogen present in the body also decreases. In extreme cases of breast cancer, the cells carrying cancer grow at very low rate or sometimes the growth is discontinued.

Mostly the side effects of Anastrozole are very low when the dosage is controlled by a proper doctor. Headaches, swelling of joints, rigorousness in joints, excessive sweating, reduced bone density, sudden mood swings are some of the most common and highly experienced side effects of Anastrozole. There are some side effects that are experienced by very few individuals and these side effects include pain in bones, dryness and bleeding in vagina, dilution of hair and reduction in appetite.