Testosterone Propionate

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Testosterone propionate is just an injectable form of male androgen testosterone. Added propionate ester will reduce the rate of tempo in which the testosterone is carried out from the vaccination spot, but it happens for a short period of time. Testosterone propionate is considered to be much faster acting product as compared to any other testosterone esters that are cypionate and enanthate, and it requires more frequent schedule of dosing. Mostly testosterone is considered as the much older and underdone form of testosterone that can be injected. Since it is an injectable testosterone, this testosterone is considered as the most effective drug that can help in building mass and also helps in gaining muscles size and force quickly.

Testosterone propionate is highly functional in both human and animal drug markets. The dosage of the drug varies from country to country and the producer of the drug. The general supply of testosterone propionate is 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml or 100mg/ml that is resolvable in oil.

300mg to 700mg in a week is the average or recommended dosage. The effects of testosterone propionate stays for almost 2 days after the injection.

The androgenic testosterone is mainly liable to preserve the secondary male sexual features. The higher levels of the testosterone can perhaps educate the androgenic side effects following large amount of oil on skin, development of acne, and unwanted growth of body or facial hairs.

This type of testosterone is quickly aromatized as soon as it enters the body to estradiol. This newly aromatized enzyme is responsible for the metabolic process in the testosterone. The side effects occurring from the additional estrogen points can be elevated amount of water retention in the body, gaining a lot of body fat and gynecomastia. An antidote can be used or needed in order to counteract the side effects of estrogenic testosterone.

The testosterone propionate do not grounds any sort of hepatotoxic effects and the probability of liver toxicity is also little to none.