Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone cypionate is considered as the most common and highly utilized testosterone. Cypionate, similar to enantanthe, is another version of testosterone that can be liquefied in oil and can be used via injections. It contains some great androgenic and anabolic effects. This can be easily converted into aromatic structure which signifies that the transformation level to estrogen is comparatively high parallel to enanthate’s rate. Mostly athletes shares their point of view that cypionate stockpile large amount of water in the body as compared to enantathe. Muscles that are built after using these products are lost after the reduction or complete elimination in usage of these products including some huge and unavoidable loss of strength and muscle mass. Great mass steroid can be formed through combining testosterone cypionate with multiple steroids. Enanthate has a recommended dosage range lying between 250 mg to 1000 mg per week but number of athletes take huge doses.

Testosterone cypionate is among those drugs that is commonly faked due to prices. The prices of both cypionate and enanthate are almost the same. testosterone cypionate for sale is commonly used by the American athletes whereas enanthate is produced globally. This makes cypionate as an exclusive American product. Therefore the favorability of American athletes with the cypionate is not surprising. Some people consider this favorability is not because of the pride factor but argues that cypionate is way better product than enanthate. It is also believed that cypionate provides insignificant greater level of water retention but it is not enough to distinguish it with enanthate.

If we look both the products analytically, we can clearly see that the two steroids are substitutable, and cypionate is not greater than the ethanthate. Both are oil-based and can be used via injections that keeps the testosterone rate significantly higher for almost two weeks. While comparing the two products in terms of release of testosterone, enanthate is a little superior because there is one less carbon atom present in ethanthate as compared to cypionate. But the variance is so insignificant that no one can notice it easily and declare the superiority of either of the products.