Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

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Boldenone is considered as the oily anabolic steroid injection and an ester of undecylenate is attached with it in order to tackle with the reduced discharge rate and its lesser half-life. It is basically derived from testosterone that is responsible for maintaining the anabolic strength. The androgenic strength provided by Boldenone is lesser than that of testosterone. It was initially designed for treating animals suffering from multiple diseases. But since Boldenone possess very lower estrogenic actions as compared to testosterone so this ability of Boldenone made it attractive to the athletes and body builders. Incidentally, this steroid was produced while creating a long lasting methandrostanolone in injection form.

It is basically considered as the injectable form of methandrostanolone that does not contains CH3 group. The gains obtained from this steroid are slow, gradual and are of great quality. This steroid does not cause unnecessary water retention as well. Since low percentage of fat is also achieved, a much pumped and veiny look is achieved via using this steroid. The injectable form is mostly used and individuals tend to avoid using the propionate form as it generates major pain even after the second day of intake. Another drawback of taking the propionate is that it can cause influenza. In this condition, the individual feel very hostile such that they are unable to finish the regular training process. Boldenone not only raises the production of protein but it also escalates the level of erythropoietin. This ultimately results in the escalation of amount of red blood cells which leads towards better pumping effect while training. Glycogen and appetite level can also be raised with this practice.

The dose of Boldenone must be regulated after every five to seven days. If it is used in consistent doses for a longer period of time then the results might be visible after long time. The most important thing is that the regulated dose of Boldenone must be taken for at least eight weeks.

The recommended dose for first time users is around 300 to 500 mg in a week. For intermediary individuals, the suggested dose is 500 to 700 mg in a week and if it is taken simultaneously with other anabolic steroids than the dose must not exceed 500mg in a week. The extreme users are allowed to take around 700 to 1000 mg in a week.