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Due to their physiology, some women and men can not lose fat loss weight without special drugs from obesity – the means that trigger the body’s processes necessary for weight loss. At the present time, there is a very large list of drugs that have such an effect on the market. According to the principle of influence on the body of drugs are divided into several categories. Read what means are considered the most effective in such a problem as overweight.

What are drugs for obesity

Overweight is a problem for a large part of the world’s population, and in some people it reaches a critical level and causes serious health problems. In most cases obesity is a consequence:

  • psychogenic overeating;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • genetic disorders;
  • slowing the metabolism, including age;
  • changes in internal organs;
  • taking medications that promote weight gain;
  • unbalanced diet (abuse of foods with simple fats and carbohydrates);
  • stress; diseases of the endocrine system;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

The medicine for weight loss eliminates the fat loss consequences of the above factors, contributes to the loss of excess kilograms, helps to control weight. As a rule, it is enteric-insoluble capsules. There are groups of drugs with different principles of action on the body. No remedy should be taken alone. First you need to consult a doctor, get an appointment.

How do diet pills work?

According to the principle of work, several groups of medications are selected to reduce weight:

Anorectics. Preparations of central action. Affect the center of saturation in the brain, thereby inhibiting the appetite. The domestic preparation is Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. Foreign analogue – Phentermine (derivative of Amphetamine).

Fat burners. There are a lot of medications in this group, but the principle of their action is never clearly described. If you believe the majority of instructions, then these funds accelerate the metabolism, which helps to overcome obesity.

Parapharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals. Biologically active additives (BAA). Provide the body with microelements and vitamins. Their effectiveness is ambiguous.

Cellulose. Preparations for obesity, whose action is aimed at cleansing the fat loss intestines. Very effective means, thanks to which out of the body goes a lot of toxins.

Diuretics, laxatives. Promote the removal of excess fluid from the body, thereby reducing weight. With such means, you need to be more careful, because with it come out and useful substances, the intestinal microflora is broken.

Medicinal products

The choice of means is very wide, although not all of them are really capable of helping in the fight against obesity. There are both medicines for weight loss with pharmacological components, and biologically active additives, homeopathic remedies and folk recipes. All this is fat loss different in price. It is worth noting that many drugs have several actions on the body, because they will be repeated in different categories.

For weight loss

Additives are added to this group, in which the main active substance is L-carnitine. Drugs that reduce weight, it is recommended to take people who are engaged in a lot. They convert fat into energy, which is necessary for physical activity. As part of the medication, there may also be alpha-lipoic acid, which normalizes carbohydrate metabolism. The most famous representatives of this category:

  • Drugs series Turboslim from obesity;
  • Reduxin Light.

Blockers of fats and carbohydrates

Preparations against obesity, affecting the enzyme system. Before you buy a carbohydrate blocker in a pharmacy, you need to understand how it works. Producers promise that by accepting them, you can eat any products and not get better. The blocker suppresses those enzymes that need to fat loss break down carbohydrates, so they do not convert to sugar. However, with these medications is not so simple. They act on complex carbohydrates, not simple ones, which is bad for obesity. The blockers of fats do not allow them to be absorbed by the body. As a result, they are not processed. The preparations of such a plan have many side effects: problems with the stool and frequent emptying, flatulence. The blocker reduces the amount in the body of vitamins, falling into the category of fat-soluble. Many people who took such funds noted that weight very quickly returns and multiplies.