Second Steroid Cycle – Get Massive

Second Steroid Cycle – Get Massive


2 packages of CYPIOPRIME
2 packages of DECAPRIME
3 packs of Metaprime
2 vials of HCG 2000 IU
Tamoxifen 10mg tabs

The following steroid cycle is considered included into Steroid cycle for beginners. Some beginners may choose to start here with a little more but should only do so if their personal education is well beyond average. Most who will supplement with the following cycles will have at least one cycle similar to the one under the “Steroid cycle for beginners” link under their belt but are still relatively new to PED use. Each cycle is listed by PED and the dosing to correspond with each week. At the bottom of the page you will find a PCT plan that is to follow each cycle.

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1400mg200mg30mg Every Day
2400mg200mg30mg Every Day
3400mg200mg30mg Every Day
4400mg200mg30mg Every Day
5400mg200mg30mg Every Day
6400mg200mg30mg Every Day

Notes on Cycle:

* Very well-suited for mass but can be used when dieting as well. In either case the end result will largely be dictated by your diet.

* Due to the aromatizing nature of these steroids SERM’s or AI’s may be needed and should be kept on hand. Tamoxifen is the SERM of choice but if stronger AI’s are needed Arimidex and Letrozole will both work well.

Post Cycle Therapy Plan: 

2350IU/ed (the first 3 days of the week only)40mg/ed

Notes on Post Cycle Therapy:

* hcg is only used for 10 days, 10 straight days