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The sun is already warming us with the spring rays! In the shower get ready for summer butterflies flutter, and the heart stops with anticipation of the warm, song-filled birds and the smells of the flowers of the days. Spring! I want to finally throw off the weight of winter clothes and wrap myself in the silk lightness of dresses. But is everything ready for this transformation? The freshness of the face , the slender figure, the smooth velvety skin … No? Dont be upset! Still there is time for imparting perfection and perfection to your appearance.

How to prepare for the summer?

First, we’ll figure out what specifically needs to be tightened to the desired result by the summer, i.e. define, so to speak, the front of the work. Then we will draw up a plan and act. Do not forget that the most important for obtaining the result is regularity and consistency. Do not try to make up for lost time in a couple of days. One and a half to two months is the optimal amount of time.

1. We grind the figure

During the winter cold days, many of us have accumulated not a single kilogram of “reserves”. When it was chilly, and frost scraped to the bone, they warmed us, but now they are get ready for summer not necessary. Feel free to get rid of unnecessary! And for this you have to revise something in the mode and acquire necessary useful habits.

  • Firstly, there are no hunger strikes and very strict diets .
    But from flour and sweet for a while will have to give up. And also avoid smoked foods, fatty and fried foods. It is advisable to switch to a healthy diet. More fresh fruits of vegetables and greens. After all, our pale skin over winter needs vitamins. Eat more often (up to 4-5 times a day), but little by little. The main rule is not to overeat!
  • Secondly, as though it was not desirable, but morning exercises should be included in the regime of the day .
    You need to spur on the “dozing” metabolism. Exercises should be not just “two flaps – two pritopa”, but aimed at tightening problem areas. So you “kill two birds with one stone”: and the blood “drive”, which will have a positive effect on  get ready for summer metabolic processes, and get rid of ugly “wrinkles”, flabbiness of the skin. Include in the morning exercises exercises: for slim legs, flat tummy , wasp waist, mouth-watering buttocks. Gymnastics should be accompanied by cheerful music and performed every day, without a pass. And no excuses!
  • Third, we cleanse our bodies .
    Slag, toxins, superfluous water do not paint a figure at all. Scoring everything that is possible, they contribute to a metabolic disorder, and this leads to the appearance of unnecessary kilograms and undesirable amounts of the figure. To do this, drink enough clean water, at least 2 liters. Black tea and coffee are replaced with get ready for summer fresh juices and herbal decoctions. Completely eliminate carbonated water and alcohol. You can eat wheat bran three times a day before meals. spoon (if you do not have acute gastric ulcers). They as a “broom” will sweep out all unnecessary from the body.

2. Light blush, smooth skin, shine in the eyes

By the summer it is necessary to put in order and skin of the face, which over the winter was weathered, exposed to frost. Her pallor will soon pass under the influence of sunlight, and dryness and peeling should be eliminated. Remove the dead cells using scrubs and peelings. After that, we apply, alternating every other day, then the restoring serum, then the cleansing mask. We finish all the procedures with a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type and age category.

3. Do not forget about the skin of the body

First of all, the skin on the legs, elbows, fingers, especially the heels, suffers in the winter. We clean (as well as face) body scrub and peeling. For the heels we use a special brush and pumice stone. Moisturize the body with lotions and oils. To soften the skin of the elbows, you can apply to it a slice get ready for summer of lemon. All procedures should be done twice: morning and evening.

To make the skin of the body smooth and silky, it is not enough just to cleanse and moisturize. It is necessary to take care of the removal of unwanted hair in time. Ways of depilation are many: creams, razors, depilatories, wax, shugaring. But if you want perfect smoothness and tenderness of the skin for the summer, and also try some new method of hair removal, trust experienced masters in specialized salons. They know how to make you even more sexy and charming!

Perhaps this is not the whole range of your planned activities. And the program of transformation to the summer will include a couple of points:

  • Perhaps it makes sense to revise and update your wardrobe;
  • enroll in aerobics, swimming, yoga ;
  • start running around in the morning or go to work.

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